Admission Management

Admission process by enabling online registration and submission of application forms and supporting documents. It also simplifies the standard admissions procedures such as inquiry, form sale, form submission, application, document submission, shortlisting, examination and counseling

Course/Class Management

institutes can manage multiple programs and courses simultaneously and enroll or remove students as needed. It also creates and manages the wide range of programs and courses offered by different departments

Examination Management

Manage examinations, which involves various pre- and post-examination processes such as selecting the test day, choosing the exam location, assigning staff, determining the assessment method, scheduling the exam and announcing the results. It also allows institutes to select the type of marking system they wish to employ

School Administration

School Erp processes such as managing certificates, papers and files, generating reports, maintaining records and more. It also enhances the efficiency and organization of the institute

School Fee Management

Our School Fee Mangement module tracks of all information on fee collection, submission deadlines for each student, penalty dates and other fee-related information. It also enables online payment gateways, fee reminders and receipts

Student Information Management

mange student's data and information in a centralized manner. All the data related to the students, such as their personal details, academic records, financial information and more can be accessed and managed through this software

Students Alumni Management System

Connect and communicate with the alumni i.e. old students of the schools of past years. It records and updates the alumni students list every year and allows them to share their thoughts, ideas, contacts and achievements. It also helps the school to raise funds from alumni and involve them in student development

Discipline Management System

Monitor and maintain student disciplinary records.It tracks the incidents of misconduct, violation of rules, bullying, harassment and other behavioral issues.It also generates reports and alerts for the concerned authorities and parents. It also helps to implement corrective measures and counseling for the students

Financial Management/ Fee Collection

Financial transactions and operations of the institute such as fee collection, payroll, accounting, budgeting and more. It also enables online payment gateways, fee reminders and receipts. It also generates reports and alerts for the management and stakeholders

Faculty Staff Management

Keep track of faculty information and activities such as personal details, qualifications, attendance, leave, salary, timetable, assignments and more.It also provides a portal for faculty to access their information and communicate with students and colleague

Student Records Management

Manage the entire student life - cycle from admission to graduation.It stores and updates the student information such as personal details, academic records, attendance,fees, health records, scholarships and more.It also provides a portal for students to access their information and communicate with teachers and peers

NextWebLogic provides a cloud-based best classroom management software, time-tested educational ERP system with advanced modules that enable teachers and educators to simplify educational institutions’ regular work processes.

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