Looking for an angular Developer to hire ? Angular component-based web applications which loads faster and easy to maintain as compared to the traditional server side web applications. Hire Angular Developers to build large-scale enterprise applications which are scalable secure and testable. Hire the best angular developers from the pool of talent.

Ways to Hire Angular developers

There are different ways to hire Angular developers for your web or mobile app development project.

  • Define project requirements and describe what skills you’re looking for: You should have a clear idea of what kind of Angular app you want to build, what features and functionalities it should have, and what level of expertise and experience you need from your Angular developers.

  • Determine the hiring model: You should decide whether you want to hire Angular developers in-house, outsource them to a software development company, or hire them as freelancers. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your budget, timeline, and project complexity.

  • contact us to find and hire Angular developers that suits your hiring model. you can hire Angular developers in-house by placing requirements. You can also hire Angular developers as freelancers.

  • Screen and interview candidates: Hire the best Angular developers: You should select the best Angular developers for your project based on their qualifications, experience, communication skills, and rates. You should also sign a contract that defines the scope, timeline, deliverables, payment terms, and intellectual property rights of your project.

Best Angular Developers For Hire

Over the past five years we have been heavily involved in angular and angular to component-based application development . We have also upgraded many angular application from old isolated controller architecture to component based well-defined architecture.

  • Get a free project manager which will communicate on daily basis and help you to execute your work on timely manner with daily reporting.

  • Full work transparency by reporting daily, Skype calls as per requested time and email frequency.

  • We have our own infrastructures and software to track and assigned work.

  • You get free access to git repository, deployment server, task management so that you don’t have too pay extra for those facilities.

We offer two kinds of hiring models.

Top Angular Developers Team For Hire

  • If you are a small to mid-size company with regular Angular work than you can top angular programmer team on monthly contract.

  • You will get at least 80 or 160 hours of productive development each month depends on the part-time and full-time hiring.

  • There is no initial cost involved to start work. You will get at least four days to 5 days trial works before you hire developer in dedicate mode.

Angular Fixed-Price Development

  • If you have clear and well-defined project scope than this prize model will help you to achieve your goals as per your well-defined requirements.

  • Once you submit your detail project documentation/Work Details, developers will start working on your job.

  • You can pay bills based on your project modules or milestones.

List of the best angular developer skills and key strengths

  • Full knowledge and coding experience with angular 1.6, angular 2, angular 4

  • Resource has deep experience with HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery and bootstrap responsive design.

  • They have continued integration deployment experience with team city, octopus and AWS, Azure cloud services.

  • ASP.Net MVC 5, Rest WebApi 2, identity 2.0, entity framework 6.

  • SOA architecture, AutoMapper, AutoFac dependency injection with object-oriented development.

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