How To Install WordPress on Bluehost


The benefit of using WordPress suggested web hosting provider is you are virtually guaranteed the smooth installation of the WordPress and support experience. Blue host web hosting is widely suggested as a best web hosting for WordPress. In this tutorial I will explain how to install WordPress on a Bluehost.

First you need to log into your Bluehost account. Once you log into your account you will see list of icons which is a web hosting cPanel. There are many other WordPress hosting provider which has similar control panel to the steps will work for those providers as well.

  • Now scroll to the bottom and find a simple script icon. Click on it. This Wizard allow us to install many other scripts including WordPress with few clicks.

  • Click on WordPress which brings a screen asking for information like “Which version of WordPress you want to install?”

  • The location where you want to install WordPress. If you had multiple domains on a web hosting as add-on domains, then you can select any domain for which you want to install WordPress

  • You can specify your site name here like “my WordPress website” which can be changed later

The Wizard will ask to generate admin login and database automatically for your WordPress installation. If you plan to install WordPress on our existing database that you can uncheck those button

You can accept the license agreement and it will start installing WordPress on your robust web hosting.

If you choose a location where set of files exist, then it will come up with a prompt saying I’d sure you want to override those files

The Wizard will execute and install WordPress. It creates new database with a given settings. Note that after completion screen, you’ll have a WordPress admin username and password with a admin dashboard URL to log in. Please make sure you saved your WordPress username and password at somewhere.

That’s it. You had installed your own self hosted WordPress blog with few clicks.

The WordPress web hosting provider which offers such kind of quick installation script makes life easier for WordPress beginner.

If you’re on a different web hosting other than blue host then you can contact their support.