How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress


Almost every Webmasters encounter 500 internal server error as they browse the web. 500 internal server error has several reasons. You may see a page HTTP 500 error OR HTTP 500 internal server error on webhosting like GoDaddy, IIS or Apache server from other server.

Webmasters and developers normally see this error is while they are developing their sites. You may encounter this error while installing or removing WordPress plug-ins from your blog.

What Is 500 Internal Server Error

in short, an HTTP 500 error means there is a problem with the conflagration of the server. In HTTP 500 error is not a problem the end-user can solve themselves. In that case user must report the problem to server admin or Webmaster.

If you are managed your own server then there are several ways to diagnostic 500 internal server errors.

When you receive HTTP 500 internal issue, the error report would give you much detail explanation about the problem behind.

The reason behind not giving many details is a security measure which avoids exposing technical information to end-users.

How To Fix /Resolve 500 Internal Server Error

we are now finding the reason behind 500 internal server error. The first good news is your web server is up, so you don’t have to worry about checking server is down or not.

WordPress hosting is coming of it cPanel you can get some information from cPanel error log and finding what is the actual error. If you are developer than and check those logs and use of your experience and knowledge you can easily find the solution. Or you can pass those error log to your developer.

Normally in a WordPress the reason behind is, your memory consumption at the server when your website has heavy traffic, or your plug-in consume more memory on server than server runs out of memory and start throwing 500 errors normally.

You can set memory limit by editing your WP config file by following code. You can edit this file by FTP manager.

Another way you can edit this file from your cPanel file manager and add above lines.

The other reason behind this error is miss-configuration of htaccess file. Might be you have accidentally changed this file or some plug-ins edit this file and there might be incomplete information can cause an internal server.

Fix 500 Internal Server Error Caused by Editing WordPress Htaccess File.

You simply take a backup of file and delete file server now go to WordPress dashboard - > settings -> permalinks and without changing any settings just click on save button.

This will generate a new htaccess file for you. You may find that you have successfully fixed 500 internal servers.

In many cases there might be plugins configurations are reason behind this. In such a case you can disable all plug-ins and enable one by one to find what is the actual cause.

Hope this guy will help you resolve 500 internal server error in WordPress.

If you need more support than you can comment your last modifications you have done and blog URL, I will check and provide actual cause.