DreamHost Vs Bluehost – Choosing the Right Web Hosting Provider


Most of the business owners seeking to wade through the intensifying competition prevailing in the marketplace, in general, opt for an enriching website or a blog page to engage with their target audience and to reach more potential prospects around the world. Choosing a best web hosting provider is sometimes difficult without their web hosting reviews and details comparison of features from web hosting. In This article we are going to discuss the comparison of Bluehost vs DreamHost. Nonetheless, as many business owners have understood the importance of building a compelling website and creating meaningful and relevant content, the significance of choosing the right web host still remains a mystery to many.

There are over thousands of web hosting companies available today – that let you connect your site to the web world. Since each web host claims to provide excellent uptime, unlimited resources and 24x7 customer supports, it often becomes difficult to make an informed decision about choosing the right web hosting company. BlueHost and DreamHost are two web hosting companies that hold great accreditation in the marketplace. </strong>

BlueHost Vs DreamHost – Which Is Your Best Bet?

Here’s a list of certain key points that will clear out the differences between the two web hosts and will act as a definitive guide – that will help you to settle on a hosting company that best suits your needs.


This is the most significant factor that most of us will look out for, at the time of choosing a web hosting provider. When it comes to price, BlueHost is an economical choice over DreamHost, as it offers an introductory web hosting package starting at just $6.99 per month for a three-year package. Conversely, offers web hosting package that starts at $9.95 per month.

What’s more interesting! Well, who doesn’t like discounts; I do and often search for discounted products, whenever I’m purchasing something. Likewise, the two web hosting providers are also offering discount on their web hosting plans. While BlueHost is offering a remarkable 44% discount, DreamHost, on the other hand, is offering only 10% discount.

Well, anything over the Internet is susceptible to get damaged. Same is the case with a site that might face some technical glitches, at any time. Besides this, you might come across a situation when you’ll need some sort of technical support for your site. Therefore, before choosing a web host plan you must give an honest look at your hosting provider and ensure whether they are offering technical support or let’s say customer support, backups etc.

Bluehost fits your bill, when it comes to rendering customer support services. It provides 24×7 technical support using live chat, phone calls, email and even vouches to provide faster response to your queries or issues, in no time. Compared to BlueHost technical support services, DreamHost can be somewhat upsetting. This is because DreamHost only offers technical support in the form of email and ticket system. It doesn’t provide toll-free phone support till the time you decide to take up their expensive plans, which starts above $50 per month.

DNS Management

 One of the most basic and the most important difference between the two web hosting companies is the way they handle DNS management. DreamHost offers varying DNS management, on the other hand, BlueHost are reliant on their DNS servers for hosting any domain. Simply put, web management interface will not allow hosting any domain if it’s not controlled by the hosting provider DNS servers.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The BlueHost possess a nice GUI comprising of a list of notable one-click application installs. The applications that offers are extremely helpful as they help in managing an online business in an easier manner. DreamHost has a custom control interface that is developed by the hosting provider itself. Although, the list of one-click installs is restricted unlike BlueHost, but the list includes noteworthy applications.

A Final Word!

If you’re planning to go for an economical web hosting provider and are looking forward to having a user-friendly interface, sound customer support service and the comfort of being able to install countless applications with just a single click, you must opt for BlueHost. But, in case you are on a look out for flexible DNS management, and possess good knowledge of installing programs on the FTP on your own, then DreamHost is your best bet!

So, if you wish to desired outcomes make sure to evaluate your needs prior to making your final call.