How To Choose the Best WordPress Hosting


As a newbie sometimes choosing a wrong host will damage your online reputation of your blog. There are plenty of factors that needs to be consider before purchasing best WordPress hosting. In this guide we will cover some specifications factors for hosting plan that require to be consider when selecting web hosting service.

Web hosting is among the most vital features, which is required to run any site. People into the online marketing domain have so many options in web hosting for their choice. It is one of the important factors to setup your WordPress blog effectively. There are many types of web hosts available in the market like Free ,Shared, VPS server, Dedicated servers and Managed hosting. However, successful internet marketers only choose WordPress web hosting solutions.

WordPress is a complete CMS (content management system) package in itself, which works on MySQL and PHP giving you countless plugins, themes, widgets. Having a good WP hosting solution could bring you in flying colors in your online business venture. Hence when it comes to select a WordPress hosting provider, it is imperative to check few factors as vital considerations. Let’s check them out:

What Specification Does WordPress Hosting Require?

Before you choose any web hosting company, you are supposed to check your requirements. You are supposed to first enlist the number of factors, which you would require to sustain your site. This could help you in saving lots of your efforts and money. You have different options to choose when it comes to select the types of plans. This include Shared, Managed, Free, Dedicated and VPS. The Free Hosting could be the best pocket friendly option for you; however, it has several limitations, which makes it a bad choice for your blog success. Hence as per your requirements, better choose from the other options for your hosting solution.

The shared hosting is often for the novices, which happens to be an inexpensive and user friendly option for the new users. The Virtual Private Server or VPS is related to the virtual machines, which divides the server computer into several servers as per the customers’ requirements. Though this server allows sharing to several other users, yet it gives you a better control unlike what you find in any dedicated server. The other option- dedicated one is basically a physical server, which could be taken for a lease from any hosting company. It gives you a complete control over the hardware, OS etc. you use. These are expensive and are not recommended for the novices.

The other important requirement, which you need to check, is the disk space and monthly transfer. Just work out the number of images and videos, you would be requiring for different posts you publish over your WordPress site in a month. A 20MB space is considered as a viable choice for the beginners and other users as well.

Which Server To Choose For WordPress Blog, Linux Or Windows?

The most vital confusion comes when you need to choose the server, whether to go for a Linux or Windows based, could be perplexing affair. The usual recommendation was to choose the Linux based server for their WordPress Web hosting . But if you look at the recent enhancements carried out at Windows Server wherein WordPress was added to its Web App Gallery, choosing this server seems more viable option for the users. This enhancement simply helps you in carrying out the installation of any Windows Server instantly, which takes hardly few minutes to complete.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Web Hosting Provider

Check the security factor

This is one of the most important elements to check before choosing any Web hosting solution. If you fail to check this element, your site could be vulnerable to the cyber crooks and hackers. This comes from a trustworthy web host company, which gives you necessary support for things like suPHP installation that helps in increasing the WordPress security. Such solutions ideally support to elements like Secure Shell (SSH) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), which help a lot in encrypting the data and file you upload over your WordPress sites. We recommend Managed hosting for to enhanced security

Check the cost : Free WordPress Hosting is not what you want

It is really difficult to hunt out the best and the most cost effective package, however, choosing a reputed one would always give these services at competent cost. If you opt for any hosting solution that comes at dirt cheap cost, they could end up giving flawed service, with loads of hidden cost coming as your surprise. Hence make sure you collect several quotations from different hosting companies and choose the best service with affordable cost, rather than going for a dirt cheap cost hosting solution, which end up creating a chaos. If price is not an issue and website had enough visitors then we give advised to go with WordPress Dedicated Server.

Check the support and customer service

It is also important to consider the element of good support and customer service. It is quite obvious to see that you would be facing several issues while working on your WP based sites. Seeking a web hosting company who is good in customer service and support could help you in resolving these issues quickly. A reliable hosting company would always offer you good customer service 24x7 with knowledgeable people handling the customer issues and problems.

Choosing a right WP Host could be a difficult experience. However, if you understand a couple of things properly, you simply end up getting the right solution for your WordPress based sites. The above points could help you in finding the best WP Host.