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We offer a transparent process for hiring dedicated developers. When a client expresses interest, they connect with an associated Project Manager (PM) to discuss their requirements. If the client interviews and selects developers from our provided list, they can choose from various hiring models: hourly, monthly, or fixed price.

Once the hiring model is chosen, the client pays an advance fee, and the PM assigns tasks to the selected programmer. Throughout the project, we maintain transparency by conducting online reviews and virtual meetings to track progress and address any issues.

Our developers provide regular updates on work progress and ensure project completion. With a commitment to transparency, we’ve successfully delivered over 70 projects to clients worldwide, including the USA, UK, Canada, and other regions, with a majority from New York, Texas, and California.


Fixed] XAMPP Installation Error: Port 80 Or 443 Already in Use.Apache2.2 Service Failed.

Release Already Used Port 80 Then Let Xaamp Will Run On Port 80

WordPress developer

[Fixed] Error Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress

You might have seen above error If you are a blog owner or visited a blog having connection issue. Error establishing a database connection issue is really frustrating error in WordPress when you are dealing with your own blog.


Setup WooCommerce in WordPress to Build Shopping Cart

Woo commerce is an e-commerce plug-in from Woo Commerce themes. Woo Commerce is the e-commerce toolkit which handles admin reporting, shipping and tax, product inventory and payment gateways.